Harrison Pietrzak, Co-Founder

Inventor and Dean’s List student at Manhattan College majoring in finance and management with a minor in global business. “HP” exhibits an entrepreneur’s eye towards improving every day processes/systems while continually developing new retail products and service business concepts. A natural young salesman, Harrison purchased a giant tub of “500” gum balls at Sam’s Club and earned a healthy return-on-investment while riding the bus to school or facilitating other people’s sweet tooth urges during lunch. Harrison is a student of Shark Tank gaining valuable insights from lessons learned beyond the camera drama, an avid observer of human interactions and prolific ‘envisioner’ of solutions to life’s difficulties big and small.


Frank Pietrzak


Harrison’s proud dad and Auctioneer in the tax foreclosure real estate business for over 20 years. Frank’s role is to provide a sounding board for HP’s plans and to help him recognize opportunities both real and imagined. (FP enjoyed working with his father for many years in the antique car business they jointly owned and is passing along those lessons learned to the next generation.)